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Windy trips, born out of love for kitesurfing and traveling.  We are a community of kiters working with kiters all over the world to create amazing kitesurfing experiences. It is our mission to explore the world and find spots with incredible conditions, bring you to it and share the stoke. We are based in the heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A land with a beautifull coastline and numerous internationally famous kitesurfing spots. That is where our passion began. In our own homecountry.

Living in the moment is so easy when kitesurfing and harnassing the wind. My love for this sport began in 2015 when I was looking for something new, exciting and challenging to do. It brought me to kitesurfing. After a while  I started to explore the world and was looking for the most amazing kitesurfing experiences. I met so many wonderfull kitesurfers raving about their homespot and the most exciting things to do on non windy days.  Windy trips was born out of that idea; Share the knowledge and experiences, craft them into trips and collab with local kiters, their business and other local owned business.

At Windy Trips you can book these trips and be sure that they will be a once of a life time trip. Why? because we experience them ourselves!

The sky is the limit, because it is your kitesurfing holiday. We will do our best to make it into an amazing kitesurfing experience. Follow us on instagram, Facebook and join us on all of our adventures around the world.

Kim, Founder of Windy Trips

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