Kite Cruise Greece

Kite Cruise Greece, did you always dreamed of having the freedom to go kitesurfing away from the crowds? To secluded beaches where only you and your friends are kitesurfing, enjoying the fast space and are surrounded by the beauty and silence of nature. When you go on a kite cruise, this is the real deal! Being on a catamaran gives you the freedom to go where the best wind and conditions with enough islands to explore that has pristine beaches and crystal clear water.

We will follow the wind and kite in endless day of winds. The catamaran is our home for the entire trip and is not just a boat. It is a 5 star floating hotel, with luxurious finishing and well thought off details for you to enjoy. In between kite sessions there are lots of areas where you can chill and relax. The sundeck or the famous nets making you feel like you are flying above the water.

Our kite cruise in Greece are handcrafted in collaboration with local kiters and their business. The captains of the catamaran are kitesurfers themselves and the Cyclades are their playgrounds. We can assure you that we can give you an amazing kite experience with our kite cruise. The set up we have in mind for you is what some of our customers marked as “insane”.  And for some who already have been on a kite cruise with the captains, “the best experience” they ever had.

Check our kite cruise and let us know what you think.

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