Destination Cyclades islands


Dates Paros-Paros

  • 6-13 September
  • 13-19 September

Dates Mykonos-Mykonos

  • 4-11 september
  • 11-18 september
  • 18-25 september
  • 25-4 oktober

The Cyclades islands in Greece are also called the windy islands. It consist of 220 islands and only in the summer months the Meltimi winds blows from the north. It is a strong but consistent wind that is at its best from July till September. In this period kiters and all windlovers flock from all over the world to the Cylades in Greece to enjoy winds, aqua blue waters, beautiful nature and amazing Greek hospitality. There are parts of the Cyclades islands that have picturesque little towns to stroll around, while others have incredible dramatic beaches and secluded bays that are only reachable by boats.

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Join us on this amazing experience on a luxurious catamaran. We will sail away from the crowds and will go to remote spots with pristine clear water. Every day after a full day of kitesurfing, we will dock at an islands to enjoy local traditionally food from Greece and if you have energy some Greek nightlife! There are two possibilities where you can start this trip. Either from Paros and end in Paros or start in Mykonos and end there as well.  There is no standard innitairy or fixed program to follow. The only thing that is certain that we will follow the wind where ever it will blows us. But to give you and idea of how the programme looks like, here is an example innitairy.

Example innitairy 

Day 1

Arrival and check in at the catamaran

Paros check in : 14:00 PM

Mykonos check in 15:00 PM

Day 2 -6

We sail away around the islands of Cyclades and find the best kitesurfing spots for you. Our captains knows the area by heart and will bring you to hidden gems only accessible by boat and other well know spots.  Since they are kiters themselves they know where to go and where the conditions are the best.

Day 7

Day of departure after a week full of windy days, kitesurfing and fun!

Departure from Paros check out at: 14:00

Departure from Mykonos : check out 9:00




Water temperature

From  July-Sept  23C


Air Temperature (max)

July 28 c
August 27 c
September 26 c


The magical meltimi wind in Greece is a local wind that can be very strong on certain days. It is usually between 20-30 knots. When the thermal wind is blowing and Meltimi is off, knots are between 12 and 15 knots making it the perfect wind for foiling. Greece has a lot of beautifull spots for foiling and outstandig conditions.

(source windguru, actual windpredictions) 


What to bring

  • Kitesizes 5-12 (according to your weight)
  • Sweater or hoody for at night
  • Bikini, boardshort, lycra, cap
  • Sunscreen

Other (non wind) activities

You don’t have to be a kiter to enjoy this trip. There is a lot to do like swimming in the crystal clear water, SUP , snorkling or chill at the boat and enjoy the natural beauty of Greece.

Catamaran Paros-Paros

Brandnew ELBA 45 catamaran (2021)

Catamaran Mykonos-Mykonos

ELBA 45 Catamaran (2019).

Both catamarans are luxurious and fully equipped to cater your needs

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