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Terms and Conditions

All persons who books with Windy Trips are herafter called as participants.


Cancellation must be reported in writing or by e-mail for the particulair trip that has to be canceled in whole (or in part). Please note that a cancellation is never free of charge. Bookings can only be processed as a cancellation if it is submitted by email or in writing by the lead booker. A fellow participant is not jointly and severally liable and can therefore not report a cancellation. Windy Trips always tries to find a suitable solution, but can never be held liable for your cancellation.

Cancellation policy:

• You can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours after booking (this is not the case if the departure of the trip is within 48 hours!!)

• After 48 hours, After  48 hours cancellation is 50% of the priced booked as confirmed to you in your confirmations email.  Up to 21 days before departure, we apply 100% cancellation costs and unfortunately we can no longer give a refund. 


Images, maps and information are provided by partners, tourist offices and professional photographers. It is possible that photos of the accommodation do not match your booked room.  Windy Trips uses many hotel rooms and lodging places and cannot be held liable for this. Windy Trips furthermore not liable for damage cause by any typingmistake or errors on her own website.


Your details for example are shared by us with our local host.  Your data will always be handled with care.  Pls check out our privacy policy for more informatie


Windy Trips works with fluctuating prices which can cause by seasonal demands. As a result, it can sometimes happen that the trip you have booked is later offered cheaper or perhaps more expensive. In addition, we often work with last-minutes and offers.


When you provide us with your details, agreed to the terms and conditions and paid in our webshop. Windy Trips considers this as a final booking.


The participant who books a trip is fully liable (also for the fellow travelers he/she registers with Windy Trips).


Windy Trips doesen’t accept bookings from minors. The person who books must be 18+


After booking,  you can make changes up to 28 days before departure (as long as the desired change is still possible). For example name changes, adres changes. For each change, € 10 change costs will be charged plus any additional costs incurred as a result of the change.


Windy Trips is not liable for any cost or damages due to cancellation to force of the majority such as natural disasters, maillfaillure of catamaran etc. 

Some trips require a minimum participation. This trip can still be canceled or rescheduled up to a few days before departure. Windy Trips cannot be held liable for any loss because of this like booked flightickets, travelinssurance etc. 


If you book a shared room with us, you can be booked together with someone else in the same room. Of course we make a distinction between ladies and gentlemen. Would you rather not share a room? Then book a single room at an additional cost if available. 


When Windy Trips has received the full payment, you will receive a confirmation email. All of your bookings will also be visibile in your personal account. You can login at “my acccount” and view them or correct the personal details yourself. Windy trips is not liable for any mistakes (typingmistakes) made by you. The local host will receive your bookingdetails as well


It is forbidden to travel with an expired passport or identity card. In some countries, your passport is still valid for a certain number of months. Pls check you local governement sites for requirements. Always check the embassy of the country you want to travel to whether you need a visa of not. Having the correct travel documents is your responsibility at all times. Windy Trips cannot be held liable for this.


We would like to point out that bookings you make via the internet are final. The so-called ‘cooling off period’, which is referred to as ‘distance buying’ in the law, does not apply to holiday trips that you book via the Windy Trips website.


The participant of this trip is at all times liable for all damage caused by the participant to reputation and name of the organization Windy Trips as well as damage caused to third parties. The participant is also at all times liable for  all damage caused to  any materials at hotel, catamaranboat, vegatation etc. 


The participant is aware that there are risks associated with participating in the (kitesurf) packages. Participation is entirely at your own risk. The participant declares to agree with this statement and when booking, not to hold the organization liable for damage in any form whatso ever. Participation in (kitesurf) packages can only take place if this statement has been signed or agreed by each participant when booking.


In case of misconduct or failure to follow directions from Windy Trips, the participant can be excluded from further participation in the (kitesurf) packages without refund of the travel sum. Misconduct is assessed by the organization.


Copyright 2021 Windy Trips. No part of the Windy Trips website online or ofline products  may be reproduced, reproduced and/or made public by means of print, photocopy, microfilm or in any other way without the prior written permission of Windy Trips


If you have any complaints about the trip or if you are dissatisfied with the accommodation, you must report this immediately to the local business owner or collaboration partner. They are responsible for finding a suitable solution for this disput. Windy Trips is not liable for any of these disputs. Ofcourse we will try to mediate for you. 


1. Dutch law applies to all offers, requests, assignments and agreements of Windy Trips, as well as to the execution of assignments by Windy Trips.

2. All disputes, including those that are only regarded as such by one of the parties, arising from or related to the agreement to which these terms and conditions apply.


In case of translation disputs, the dutch version is valid above the english translation of this website and our other social media channels

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